4 Tips to Help You Close the Sale

Many salespeople believe that closing the sale is the most challenging part of the sales process. Buyers today are too savvy to fall for insincere closing techniques and most don’t appreciate a hard sell, but there are some tactics you can use to help close the sale. Below are some practical ways to help you... Continue Reading →

Success Story: Patience Pays Off When Bonadio’s Financial Institution Group Closes a $350,000 Deal After 3 Years

Overview Selling financial services to banks and credit unions is a long process, particularly if there are many players involved. It’s easy for a company with a long sales cycle to become impatient, especially when a big deal is at stake. However, having a structured process in place will help you to endure the long road ahead with... Continue Reading →

Is Your Sales Person Really Selling

If you aren’t seeing a steady stream of new opportunities in your sales pipeline, it might be time to determine whether your sales team and the processes they use are properly configured for success. Your salesperson may be wearing too many hats—or the wrong hat—which can have a negative impact on sales productivity. 

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